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Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly I used to read a lot of historical fiction, mainly by Ann Rinaldi. I got this book for Christmas from my mother, who is a librarian. I have never heard of it before, nor have I read anything of Jennifer Donnelly. It took me awhile to start reading it because I had absolutely no idea what it was about.

I absolutely love Jennifer Donnelly's style of writing. It's witty, it's sarcastic, and at the same time it's so beautiful some lines want to make you cry. The plot is kind of slow, and it doesn't pick up until Andi reads Alex's diary, and even then it doesn't pick up until she gets to the the middle of the diary, where she learns more about Louis-Charles, and more about the Revolution. It's an interesting and creative, original mix of history and modern day time periods, so many connections you have to keep track of but it's fun to guess. She even throws in a really hot sensitive guy named Virgil. Yay for hot sensitive guys.

I wanted more of Andi in eighteenth century france. I felt that her time spent there was too short, but at the same time I wanted to get back to modern day. I have mixed feelings about the ending, but at the moment I'm leaning toward a satisfactory rating for it.

This is one of the best historical fiction novels I've read in a long time. Donnelly really had to go through a lot of research for it, and in the end it totally paid off. I recommend this if you love historical fiction.