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Die for Me

Die for Me - Amy Plum I was set off from this book from the very beginning, mostly because I didn't feel connected to the main character, Kate. I'm not heartless, trust me, but I didn't quite have sympathy for her because her parents died. I mean, she was moving to Paris. She completely cut off her friends. I guess people deal with death in different ways, but these few aspects just kind of cut me off from being able to connect and feel sorry for her.

The rest of the story moves slowly. There's a few moments here and there that should have shocked me, but they only puzzled me. And maybe that was the author's intent. To puzzle, instead of shock. I felt the dialogue put me off from the specific reaction I should have felt, because the dialogue didn't seem realistic to me. It felt out of place for some reason.

Now let's move to Vincent. So as to not ruin what he is to anyone else, I will just say that Plum's version of a zombie is actually pretty cool. I liked vincent, and I liked his friend Jules. I felt as though Plum almost made a love triangle with those three but held back from it, which was refreshing in a way. But as for Vincent's fascination with Kate, I didn't quite feel that connection either. It was most likely the fact that Kate kept running away from the fact taht she knew what he was and she didn't want to deal with it, and then suddenly she was back into his arms. For what, I'm not sure. Maybe a chance at love, probably.

There was hardly any action until the end. Even then, I was like, where did this suddenly come from? Everything was connected in some way, as the main enemy was one of Vincent's but there was really no true hint that he was before that. And I would have liked to see that. Even though I felt like that guy was something bad, and that he was probably part of the bad group, it would have been more intriguing to know the deep relationship between him and vincent. Not just, "oh, he's my sworn enemy."

In any case, the whole what vincent is - thing is pretty cool. I did like Vincent and his character, all though I wished he were a bit more intense. But this book didn't really grab me as much as other books of this genre have.