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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver This book is absolutely amazing. I have read many dystopians, one of my favorites being Blood Red Road. But this book, this World is soo different and so creative that it hooks you in. I was hooked the first page, and from then on it was just one page flipping over after another. Oliver not only creates a vivid, beautiful world, but inside this world is the dirty secrets people hide. She exposes them, and from then on the plot takes you on this fast, heart wrenching journey of discovery.

Oliver's writing is phenomenal in itself. Her prose is pefect, and some of it reads like a poem. That's what really stood out to me in this novel. I loved the character Lena, and of course Alex. I absolutely adored Alex from start to finish. Her characters each had their own back story, and you could relate to them, and I could feel for them. Which, in turn, it totally SUCKED because I got emotionally attached to a certain character...and, well, let's just say that character didn't have the best day.

And the ending? Oliver is a Princess of cliffhangers. I say princess because I have read other books that leave amazing cliffhangers, but I'd say liver is first in line for the throne. Why? Get this. I borrowed Delirium from the library. Once I finished it I literally said "I can't wait to get the second. I have to read it NOW." And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what Nooks and Kindles are good for. I literally downloaded Pandemonium from my Nook as soon as I finished Delirium. Because I had to know what happens next.

I highly highly recommend this book if you are a fan of dystopian novels.

Rating: 5/5