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Pandemonium  - Lauren Oliver This is my new favorite series, hands down. A perfect read after finishing Holly Black's Curse Worker's series. Sure, they are two completely different series, but that's besides the point. If you're looking for more dystopian novels to read, (let's say you just finished The Hunger Games or didn't quite enjoy the hype of Article 5) The Delirium trilogy is definitely one to read. If you have not read Delirium, I suggest you do not read on. I'm trying to do this as spoiler-free as possible, but it is difficult. I'll try not to give anything too important away.

Pandemonium doesn't exactly start off from where Delirium ends. You are projected forward into the future, and you wonder how she got there. But then, Oliver throws you for a loop and makes the book a jumping time machine, going back and forth from when Lena was introduced to the Wilds, to what is going on in the present day New York City. All though it confused me at first, I realized what was going on and literally said, "Oliver is a genius." Not only does this give you a sense of what Lena and Alex's actions started, it lets you see the dynamic change of Lena. It let's you see who she was and who she became. Every page turns you completely around. It may drive some people crazy, going back and forth, but I felt as though I was reading a movie. I absolutely loved it.

Oliver creates a world I can live in from beginning to end. I can relate to each character, I can see every building, feel every emotion. The story moves quickly, but you don't miss a thing. And the ending? If there was an author that threw you a cliffhanger and says "HA. IN YOUR FACE." It's Oliver. I was on a roller-coaster of emotions throughout the whole book, and when the ending came, and the roller coaster stopped - I didn't want the ride to end. In fact, I was pissed the ride ended!

I highly recommend this series. It's such a creative and original idea, that it is definitely on the top of my fave dystopians, along with Blood Red Road.