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Black City

Black City  - Elizabeth  Richards I started reading this book because I didn't know what else to read. I also didn't know exactly what it was about. It was just one of those books that I picked up because of all the hype, and the sequel is coming out soon. Let it be known, I will carefully choose books next time. I've got to stop following the hype.

The basic premise of the story is interesting. Ash is a twin-blood, (basically a hybrid vampire) so he doesn't have a heartbeat. But when he meets Natalie, who happens to be the daughter of the Emissary his heart starts beating and both of them betray their own kind and fall in love. And that's where the story lost interest for me. The background of the world and a real plot was lost behind the focus of the relationship and why they are in love. The mystery of Ash and the dark intensity had in the first few chapters was lost by his need for Natalie.

Behind the love story is another subplot, in which Haze is being dealt in the black market. Haze is blood / venom from Darkling's that give humans a feeling like they're high. There's a new form of Haze being passed around that has killed six people. Ash is pinned as the dealer, all though he's never heard of it until one of his classmates die from it. This should have been the plot. This should have been the focus, because I was more interested in the mystery behind the new drug than I was the relationship between the two protagonists. Their relationship drowned the important plot aspects, and it made me completely lose interest in the end. I stopped caring after about 50% of the book was read.

Another nitpicky thing that I would like to point out. The author uses exclamation marks in first person narration.(Pg.214: I stomp away, but she chases after me. I can't believe how badly I've screwed everything up! ) I hate that. She also uses Fragg instead of the real word, which - at first, was funny, but then it got irritating.

Black City could have been very good with a more developed world and better flushed out characters. But the fact is, the intensity of the relationship and the intrigue of the plot was lost amongst a ridiculous, premature love story.