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Venom - Fiona Paul A forbidden love...a killer on the loose...all under the moon of Venice, Italy. What could make this book even more exciting? Maybe some action packed scenes of a perilous adventure to uncover the killer's identity.

The story begins with Cassandra's best friend's funeral, which has no connection to the murders other than her body being switched with one of the killer's victims in her grave. The same night she discovers her best friend's body is missing in her tomb, she meets Falco- a mysterious, rough around the edges painter who is, for some reason, wandering around the graveyard in the dead of night. Together, they spark an investigation on their own. You can predict that the two of them will spark a relationship...especially since she's kind of sort of engaged. You can predict that Falco can't be trusted right away, which let's you give into the mystery of the dead girls. But what you can't predict is the killer himself, which is what Fiona Paul does well here.

Maybe I didn't see the signs (and I will NOT reveal who it is), and maybe there was some minor clue that I completely missed. But I felt as though Ms. Paul kind of threw the identity of the killer out there, just to throw us for a loop, and created a quick story around him so it would make sense. To me, there was no connection that made even the least bit of sense for this character.

I didn't care that much for Cassandra, the main character, either. I didn't feel sorry that she was trapped in her own little world. I didn't feel the passion she felt between her and Falco. If I were watching this as a movie, I'd describe it as two actors who had no chemistry on screen together.

One thing I did like about the book was the time period and the setting. I've been to Italy, but not Venice, so it really brought me back to Italy's gorgeous architecture, history, and scenery. There will be a second book, but I'm not too interested in finding out what happens next.