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Prodigy - Marie Lu Prodigy by Marie Lu is one of her best books yet. An emotionally gut-wrenching story, Prodigy takes you on a journey that is filled with action, romance, and ultimate betrayal. Lu understands how to weave the perfect Dystopian novel, and leaves you feeling like she broke your heart on purpose. The way I see it, if Prodigy made me cry at the end...I'm afraid to read the next book, because I'm not sure how I'll react to that one.

In Prodigy, we find Day and June have finally made it to the Patriots. Everything should be fine, right? Not so. The Elector Primer is dead, and his son, Anden, has taken over. The Patriots have a plan to use Day and June's celebrity status to help them assassinate the new Elector. But loyalties are hard to come by, and June is finding it hard to trust the Patriots, when she realizes that Anden is definitely NOT like the new Elector. But how can she convince them that he's different, when the one reason she joined the Patriots was to help find Day's brother? In the epic sequel, the one main theme of this plot is Trust. Trust is hard to come by - not just from the Elector or the Patriots, but Day and June's relationship is also hanging in the balance.

I fell in love with Day all over again in this book, and cheered for him throughout the whole novel. Same with June. The fast paced, action filled pages captivated me on every page, and I wasn't bored at all. And guys, there's a PLANE CHASE. That's AWESOME. I'm not even joking. I'm not going to say what happens, but I can just say that it has to be my favorite scene in the book, because it's epic, and as I was reading I could completely picture the whole thing like I was watching a movie. Lu really knows how to write visually, and it really helps especially since it's a dystopian novel, and the world is super important to dystopian.

I heard a lot about how heart breaking the ending was, but I wasn't expecting THAT. I literally cried when I finished reading, and afterwards I started thinking, "maybe it won't be as bad as I think in the next book." But with Lu's ability to twist and turn things around on you like a fast roller-coaster, who knows. She'll probably through a fast pitch that'll hit me hard in the gut.

All I have to say, is that if you haven't read Legend yet, WHY HAVEN'T YOU? And if you have and haven't read Prodigy yet, GET ON THAT, STAT!