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Beautiful Darkness

Beautiful Darkness - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl Beautiful Darkness is the second book in the Caster Chronicles, and picks up a couple months after where Beautiful Creatures left off. Lena has become distant from Ethan, hanging out with Ridley and a mysterious boy named John Breed. Ethan is convinced that Ridley and Breed are both trying to make Lena Claim herself for the Dark, since she is besotted in guilt and regret after what happened to Uncle Macon. Lena is convinced it is her right choice, even though she's scared. Ethan is determined to save her from what could be a disastrous mistake. But there's one problem.

He has no idea where she is. He knows where she's going, to some place called the Great Barrier. But he has no idea how to get there - or even if he can, since he's a mortal. But meeting Liv - Marion's intern for the summer - changes things, and soon he embarks on a twisted journey through the Caster Tunnels with Live and his best friend Link.

I must say I enjoyed this addition to the Caster Chronicles a bit more than the first one. Beautiful Darkness involved a lot more of the Caster world and the dangers it involves. I also liked the addition of Liv, because her character was strong and intelligent. Her character was complete opposite of Lena, and it almost made me want to start a Team Liv or Team Lena kind of thing.

Ethan still hasn't evolved quite into a a dynamic character yet, all though his friend Link has. Link has the perfect attributes of a best friend - humor, smarts, and wit- but he's also loyal. Now that he knows about the Caster World, he's a character I'd like to see evolve into something more. There's a twist at the end that involves Link, and to me it was almost shocking to the point where it got me interested to read the third book.

A great addition to the Caster Chronicles, Beautiful Darkness feeds any curiosity you might have if you aren't sure about reading the rest of the series.