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Dare You To

Dare You To - Katie McGarry Dare You To is the companion novel to Pushing the Limits, which was one of my favorite reads of last year. Pushing the Limits was such an emotionally powerful book, and I honestly didn't think that Dare You To would match up to the hype.

I was wrong.

Dare You To is centered around Beth Risk, who happened to be a minor character in Pushing the Limits. I found it interesting she chose such a minor character to center a book around, but it still kept my interest. And you know what? This book is full of all sorts of feels. McGarry really knows how to take your heart one way, then rip it out and stomp on it until it shatters into a million pieces. She must like torturing her readers as much as she tortures her characters, because she puts both of them through hell.

While Pushing the Limits was more in a city / suburban setting, Dare You To was set in the rural part of Ohio / Kentucky, where baseball is everything and what's on the outside matters. Because of this setting, I have a personal connection to this book. Having relatives that live in in both states, I could picture everything, it was relatable and believable at the same time.

I loved Ryan and his character, his determination to always win and his growth throughout the novel. Honestly, he's the only one who truly grows through the whole book. Beth, on the other hand, is very protective of her mother and barely sees what's in front of her. She frustrated me a lot, and all though I liked her in the first sneak peak of the book, I started to grow wary with after awhile. Ryan helped with that, though. It was Ryan's story that I grew more interested in.

But you put the two of them together and holy hell, it is a HOT read.

If you were a fan of Pushing the Limits, I definitely suggest checking this companion novel out. What's great is that even if you haven't read Pushing the Limits...you don't have to read it first. Beth's story is her own story, and not a continuation. Dare You To is definitely a great summer read. I'm patiently (haha) waiting for Crossing the Line, which is Isaiah (Beth's best friend's) story and involves drag racing.

Can you say...Fast and Furious?? (kidding!)