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Crash into You

Crash into You - Katie McGarry This rating is really 3.5, but of course Goodreads doesn't do half stars.

Crash Into You follows Isaiah's story. He meets a girl name Rachel Young, who is a pretty rich chick that loves fast cars and adrenaline. But her problem? She's a replacement daughter in her family for a sister who died of cancer, a sister she never knew. Her brothers are over protective, her family views her as weak, and Rachel has to learn to over come her panic attacks. When she and Isaiah meet, they're lives interwine as they get messed up in some racing business, and they owe someone money - a lot of money - or else. Fast Cars, hot guys...sounds a little like Fast and Furious, right? That's what I hoped, any way.

I loved Pushing the Limits. It was one of my favorite reads of 2012. Dare To You was also very well done. There was something about Crash Into You that bugged me, and I think it was Rachel's Character. This is the first time in McGarry's books where the female lead bugged the shit out of me. Maybe it's because she never stood up for herself. Maybe it's because of her situation and she let people walk all over her. Maybe it's because she didn't stand up to Isaiah when he was being bossy or overprotective. But she was not like Echo or Beth. And maybe that's a good thing, but for me I was hoping that she'd do something in the middle of the book that was off character, but she wasn't very dynamic.

isaiah, on the other hand, was probably my favorite guy of the trilogy. He's a stubborn, hard headed guy who is loyal and protective of the ones he cares for. It's true, the overprotectiveness of rachel bugged me, But it wasn't for selfish reasons. He knew the risks they were taking. He knew the world they had entered so it was necessary. But I wished he would loosen the leash on her a little, that way Rachel would have been able to grow more within the plot.

Truthfully I wished there was more about Eric and the drag racing. There wasn't much, only background mentions through the rest of the story as they try to win money to pay him off. There wasn't much action in that area, which I wished there was. It would have risen the stakes. It would have made the plot much more intriguing.

Don't get me wrong, I love McGarry's books. I love her characters and I love the world she's created with these characters. And the hot scenes? Yeah. There's hotness, and it's INTENSE. Not like, Echo and Noah intense, but...it's still worth it. Her next book is Take Me On, and it's Rachel's brother West's story.

If you like her books, I'm sure you'll like Crash Into You, but maybe not as much as Pushing the Limits.