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Letters to Nowhere

Letters to Nowhere - Julie Cross If there's one thing I love about reading, it's reading a book that makes me smile at the end. There are a lot of YA books right now where the author likes to play with the readers emotions up to the point of the reader wanting to throw the book across the room. I'm sure you've been there. I know I have. Letters to Nowhere, all though it tackles tough subjects in teenager's lives, is a refreshing read of the YA genre.

I don't normally read books that center around sports. But I picked up this one mostly because it's center was Gymnastics. I love Gymnastics. I went through tumbling classes because my older was doing competitions, and I wanted to be just like him. So the subject was relatable, and it's been a long time since I could relate to a character in a book. And that's exactly what made this book so endearing.

Cross's characters were definitely people to get interested in. The protagonist, Karen, writes letters to her dead parents as she tries to cope with their death and everything else around her. Jordan, on the other hand. is not your average bad boy brooding guy. He's got a scruffy side, but Cross makes sure that there is a depth to his background, and you feel for both characters as they connect together. At first it gets off on a rocky start, and I felt at first it was a little premature. But after awhile I began to see that they were definitely a match, and they fit together - and it wasn't so anymore. The only problem I had with the relationship was the fact that the two decide to hide it. I hate it when literary characters do it, because to me it definitely makes me want to punch their faces in.

There was another character I would have loved to see more of - Jordan's friend Tony. I won't tell you why because it's actually kind of a spoiler.

It was a well paced, excellent read that definitely left me wanting more without wanting to the throw the book across the room and curse like a sailor.

Karen's story isn't done yet. At least, I hope not!!

P.S. If you've watched Make it or Break it, or the movie Stick It - you will definitely like this book.