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Allegiant  - Veronica Roth The final book in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth is definitely an explosive end to a wonderful, different dystopian YA series. Sometimes within trilogies I get annoyed when the last book seems to sum everything up. But Roth made sure that didn't happen. She ended it on a perfect note, without explaining any lessons or any plot points, which I found very refreshing.

Allegiant takes place right after Insurgent. To not give away any spoilers for those who haven't read the last book, Tris and Tobias, along with Christina and Cara and Peter, find themselves in a completely different world than they've known, and the secrets the find out about their factions change the way they think, and change the world they've always known. It definitely challenges these characters to look inside themselves and discover who they really are, and who they should be. It makes them question, and it makes them come to self-realizations. Loyalty is definitely put to the test, but Roth's characters come out strong.

What I loved about Allegiant was that we were introduced to an entirely new world. It was the world outside the world we've known from the first two books. Not only had Roth created the faction world, but she created the world outside, and we learned about it while the characters did. It makes the reader look at the first world in a whole different light, and- like Tris and Tobias - realize that not everything was as it seemed.

There is a death everyone is talking about, and let me say I was quite surprised. And, may I say - Veronica Roth has balls to kill off the character she did. Seriously.

Allegiant was the perfect ending to a wonderful trilogy. I am definitely skeptical on the story as a movie franchise, but I will definitely be watching it in the theaters.