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Uninvited - Sophie Jordan The premise of Uninvited is actually quite creative. The idea of having a gene that would trigger someone to become a killer is a neat idea. Well, you know what I mean. There were a lot of things I liked about this book, and a lot of things I didn't. What I did like was, like I said, the premise. I liked the setting of the story and the fact that it took place in Texas. I loved the other side characters she ends up going to school with, and I really liked the letters from the government and text messages she placed in between each chapter to give us a feel for the world outside.

Davy Hamilton, the main protagonist, truthfully bugged me. Ever since Twilight I get really annoyed with female characters who seem to remain weak throughout the story until a guy shows up. Look, I'm all for romance and everything, but when a girl has to depend on a guy for safety - that's not romance, that's pathetic. Her weakness really made her unlikeable for me.

Sean, the boy she likes, equally bugged me even though his character seemed to be the most promising. He already has his imprint so you would expect him to be a little more forthcoming, a little more edgy. There was a lot of staring. A lot of gawking. And the whole "you have to be safe because you don't know anything" really put me off. Maybe I'm just tired of reading stories where guys think they have all the answers. It's what makes the main character so weak and dependent.

The second half of the story was a almost better than the first, and I'm almost glad that I wasn't too angry about a cliffhanger. It didn't make me throw the book against the wall and get down on my knees and say "WHHHHYYY???" Instead I shrugged and went, "okay. They'll be a second book, cool."

While Uninvited did bring me out of a writing slump and I wasn't sorely disappointed, I'm glad I got it from the library. I have been meaning to read Sophie Jordan's other novels, but I'm not exactly waiting for the second book of Uninvited.