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Endlessly - Kiersten White Paranormalcy was one of my favorite books when it first came out two years ago. White's fresh take on the paranormal world was creative, original and quite entertaining. Her personal humor played into Evie's character, and it was that aspect that made this book and series so special.

Supernaturally was the perfect companion to Paranormalcy, because it allowed us to learn more about Evie. In the second book, she grew into a stronger, more independent woman even though she had met Lend. Her desire for a more normal, every day human life made her the type of heroine that every young girl could look up too, since she struggled to fit in and find her place among humans.

Endlessly seemed to have lost Evie's character. She bumbles around, always depends on someone else for help. She keeps depending on Reth and then decides he's manipulating her. She has no motivation for anything except for Lend. She doesn't want to do what she is supposed to, because she wants to be a normal girl and be with Lend. Only Lend. Everything she does is all for Lend. Yeah, it got a little irritating after awhile. The reason I liked Evie in the first book is because she didn't need a boy to give her motivation. Endlessly seemed to center around that idea. It's like the Evie I fell in love with in the first book was completely lost.

Besides that, the plot itself was not that exciting to me. I hate having to say this, because I love Kiersten White and I love these books, but I could not find myself excited about this book. Perhaps it was because I felt Evie was irritating. Or maybe the plot itself had a ton going on. But for whatever reason, Endlessly was not as fabulous as the first book.

In any case, I give Endlessly 3 hats. It's a good ending to a creative series, I only wished it came out as strong as the first one.