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Mind Games

Mind Games - Kiersten White Kiersten White's newest novel, Mind Games, is definitely nothing like Paranormalcy. I didn't think it would be when I first heard of the plotline. In fact, I was very excited about it, because it sounded like a a bad ass, action-packed thrill ride.

It wasn't as action-packed as I hoped it would be. A lot of the time spent going back and forth from present day to months ago confused me, to the point where it took away from the storyline. I felt the time jumping wasn't needed, and I was wishing halfway through for a single, solitary moment in time. It's the flashbacks that made it seem as though she tried to cram a prequel book into the first book all at once.

With that being said, I loved the characters. I loved Fia's attitude, her humor, her wit and the way she is determined to do what is necessary to keep her sister Annie alive. Adam, the boy she is sent to kill, was a little too weak of a character for me to believe any sort of attraction whatsoever, especially since she had always been into James, who is the son of the head of Keane Foundation. All though they don't start a premature relationship, her attraction to him didn't make sense, and it didn't go both ways. I was sorely disappointed when there was nothing built up between them.

Mind Games, all though wary at times and not as thrilling as I expected, is a fun read for the Summer. But if you're like me, and you want crazy, sexy, cool with thrills and car chases and more action, you'll be disappointed. If you're like me, you'll read the last sentence and be like wait...that was it?

Sad to say, really, because I really like White and I might read the sequel or give Chaos of Stars a try (Egyptian Gods! Almost like Rick Riordan! But Not!). But this book gets three awesome hats.