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Tempest - Julie Cross Tempest by Juile Cross is a wonderful YA novel with a creative, original storyline. Her writing is fabulous, and I connected with the characters and got really into the whole story.

What was so wonderful about this book is that we discovered things along with Jackson, the protagonist. Cross gives us just enough to start off in knowing the character (such as, we already know he can travel back in time) and then, throughout the novel, we learn more and more along with him about his past and his possible future. There are other secrets revealed throughout story as well, and we learn about them right along with Jackson.

In its entirety the story was well played, with smooth transitions from scene to scene and perfect pacing. As mentioned, Cross's writing is also perfection, as her writing helps the characters come to life right on the page. Its truly a wonderful, fun-filled adventure that leaves you wanting more, even after the very end. But that's okay, because VORTEX comes out on January 15th!