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Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia In the town of Gatlin, South Carolina, everything has to be the way it is. It's a traditional, southern town with roots dating back to the civil war. And Ethan Wate has never known any place but Gatlin, and is dying to get out. And then comes Lena Duchannes, the niece of of old Macon Ravenwood, a man whom the town rarely sees but spreads rumors about. Ethan knows that being friends with Lena Duchannes is definitely not traditional. In fact, the whole town scorns on it. But how can he stay away from Lena, when she's the girl, literally, in his reoccurring dream?

But Lena has her own secrets. She's a Caster, and on her sixteenth birthday, she will be Claimed as either a Light or Dark Caster. She believes she's destined to go Dark, and once she goes Dark, there's no going back. She would never remember Ethan. She would never care about him again. And Ethan is determined to find a every way possible to not let it happen. But what can he do, when he's a mere Mortal, and he's up against some of the most powerful magic he has never known existed?

Beautiful Creatures is one of those series you start reading by word of mouth, and then you're into it fully and become a fan after the first book. It's a different kind of magical world, where witches are called "Casters" who are "Claimed" for the Light or the Dark. It's a kind of magical world that has historical roots built into a tiny southern town called Gatlin, and deep dark secrets hidden from the Mortal World. That is, until Ethan Wate discovers that Lena Duchannes is one - a Caster, who will be Claimed on her sixteenth birthday. While Lena is convinced she will go Dark, Ethan is convinced she will be Claimed Light. And the secrets that the Casterworld had chosen to stay hidden are dug up in order to save the girl that he loves from becoming evil.

The entire book is told from Ethan's point of view, which allows us, as readers, to discover everything about the Caster world as Ethan is discovering it for himself. I, personally, love it when authors choose to do that instead of giving us all the information we need. Ethan becomes this strong, determined character as he tries desperately to help Lena believe that she can be claimed Light. In this process, he discovers things about himself, and we discover it along with him.

I'm not quite sure what I love about the book so much. Perhaps it's how much Ethan cares for Lena. Perhaps its the character of old Macon Ravenwood, and the other cast of characters that surround our two main protagonists. Or perhaps its the fact that I could picture this cute little Gatlin town, and I found myself living in with Ethan and Lena. Whatever it is, it's definitely worth a read, and I am on the fan wagon.