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Prophecy - Ellen Oh After reading Prophecy, by Ellen Oh, I went to Goodreads and read the reviews. A lot of people were comparing it to Graceling or Eon. Well, I haven't read any of those books, so I cannot compare it to either. I do, however, know that Graceling has a female protagonist who is almost like Kira in Prophecy, but I don't know the rest of the story, because I haven't read it.

Prophecy is geared toward the younger crowd of demon- slayer fans. I can tell because of the simple, non-complex writing. I liked it though, and I think the writing fit well with the story as a whole. Ellen told me on Twitter that it was meant for the younger crowd, and I could see why. But that didn't set me off, which was something that I enjoyed, and it made me keep reading.

What I loved most about this book was that there wasn't a dull moment. In fact, the entire novel was like a huge anticipation of a larger battle at the end. Kira was a strong character, but she had a weakness, and that was her self-esteem whenever someone pointed out how different she was and how she was an evil being. It was this human quality that made me like Kira a lot, and I could identify with her in that way.

The one aspect of the novel that was so interesting was the Asian culture that Oh had weaved into the novel. To me, it sets the book apart from those that people are comparing it too, because it has some ancient history involved. It almost makes it real, while at the same time it's a total fantasy. At 218 pages, it's a quick and satisfying read with plenty of action that makes you keep turning the page to the very end.

I'll be waiting for the next book!