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Open Road Summer

Open Road Summer - Emery Lord Open Road Summer was one of those books I knew I would automatically love just by reading the synopsis. And it didn't disappoint at all. The story is from the POV of Reagan O'Neill, the best friend of Lilah Montgomery who is a huge up and coming country pop star. the POV is the first thing I liked, that it was from the eyes of the best friend and not the pop star herself. It didn't switch POVs, either. The second thing that was awesome was that it was set around the country states, aka Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, etc. I have relatives who in live in Ohio and Kentucky so to be able to relate to the setting was really important to me, and being from Ohio herself, Emery Lord truly got that southern, mid east states environment down.

Although the plot itself was a little bit predictable, it still made me want to read. There was so much about the characters that you didn't know right from the beginning, which was refreshing. Reagan also reminded me of Anna Kendrick's Becca in Pitch Perfect. She had a snarky attitude and her own dreams and did her own thing, but was always there for her best friend. She also wasn't too interested in falling in love at first, which was great, since that made the protagonist's relationship complicated, tense, and all the things us YA readers want to see. I even love Lilah, her best friend, and thankfully didn't find her prissy or prudent, didn't find her selfish or bitchy at all.

There were a few things i wish had been a bigger portion of the plot, which would complicate Reagan's relationship with Matt Finch a bit more, but I suppose it still played out well enough where I was satisfied with what happened. The ending, also, wasn't super cheesy and in fact wasn't even a cliffhanger. I'm not sure if this is a stand alone, but it could possibly be. There could also be a sequel with the way it ended if Lord wanted to take it further, (and I hope she does).

Truthfully, Open Road Summer brought me out of my reading slump. If you're looking for a great beach read, this is definitely it. Also, if you're a fan of Pitch Perfect and you watch Nashville, this is DEFINITELY something you want to read.